1 out of every 3 women of child bearing age have experienced abortion. We forget there are more people than just the women attached to this story, the father is attached along with other family members and/or friends.

Many of these men, women, family members, and friends are hurting inside our churches. Gateway Express Testing provides support, information, and a safe place for those to heal from past abortion wounds.

Gateway Express Testing uses SaveOne bible study for those seeking deliverance from the pain and guilt of an abortion. Believers who participate often renew their commitment to Christ and non-believers often discover God’s love and accept His gift of mercy.

SaveOne: The Women’s Study

This study is for women that have chosen abortion and are seeking to find healing and forgiveness.

SaveOne: The Men’s Study

This study is for men seeking healing and forgiveness when he may have forced, paid for, or begged her to not have an abortion.

SaveOne: The Ripple Effect Study

This study is for family and friends of the one who choose abortion who are seeking a deeper understanding into the abortion issue.