Becoming a Client Advocate can be one of the most transformational experiences for the client and for yourself. As you invest time and energy being a compassionate stranger by listening to the client’s situation and concerns while sharing the love of Christ and life-affirming options through truth and hope. Majority of the time clients are unaware of other choices but abortion.

Client Advocates EMPOWER Individuals to make Healthy Life choices through Education and Medical Services


Female Client Advocate

Female volunteers serve women clients coming in for pregnancy testing and options and STI Testing. You get to invest into her to give life affirming options while sharing the Gospel.

Male Client Advocate

Male volunteers serve men clients coming in for pregnancy testing and options with women clients and men clients coming in for STI testing. You get to invest into his life by giving life affirming options while sharing the Gospel, man to man.

Medical Advocate

A Medical advocate is a professional health care provider, nurses, mid-level practitioner, or doctor, that is looking to invest in clients by using their medical skills.

Mobile Unit Advocate

A Mobile Unit Advocate can be a couple different things,

  1. Volunteers serve with the mobile unit by going with the mobile unit to be in prayer while holding signs to direct traffic towards the mobile unit. This is a great way to start out if you are not sure if you would want to be a Client Advocate, or
  2. Mobile Unit Driver, drivers drive the mobile unit to locations and then back into storage. A driver can also be a Client Advocate or a volunteer to hold a sign and be in prayer. A Driver is responsible for the safety of the Mobile Unit.

Receptionist in clinic

A receptionist is the first person a client talks to when calling for information or to make an appointment. This is a great way to give quick guidance to options over the phone and make sure things run smoothly in the clinic upon checking in clients.

There are many more opportunities that include social media posting and marketing.

If you are interested in getting involved email to get an application.